The C.A.T.WALK Boutique is one of the best sources for fashion in the Washington D.C. area. The C.A.T.WALK Boutique’s niche is carrying designers from all over the world that sell exclusively to boutique owners. The majority of our pieces cannot be found in the mainstream high-end department stores. We have something for everyone, but not for just anyone.  

We take pride in selecting pieces for the fashion savvy woman looking for something other than cookie cutter attire. We look at our pieces as investments, so we stay away from trends and focus on quality/timeless pieces. In the rear of The C.A.T.WALK Boutique, you will find our ECLECTIC section. In ECLECTIC you will find anything from Chanel to the unknown Italian designer. We also have a rack solely dedicated to featuring local designers of DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV). On this rack the customer can purchase original creations by designers of the DMV.

Established in 2010

The C.A.T.WALK Boutique started out on EBAY. We received nothing but great reviews from our buyers. One Sunday a month we would vendor at the Eastern Market. A good friend suggested that I open my own storefront and that’s what brought us to the fabulous H Street corridor.

Carolyn A. Thomas, proprietor, envisions The C.A.T.WALK Boutique customer as the fashion conscious, confident woman, with a strong sense of individuality. Admired for her impeccable taste, The C.A.T.WALK woman is often the style-setter in her community.Carolyn brings years of experience as a stylist, personal shopper, and fashion maven together in The C.A.T.Walk Boutique. Her keen eye for fashion is apparent throughout The C.A.T.Walk’s selection. Carolyn knows that fashion involves mood, expression and personality that is why she selects fashions for women who are confident, fun, and about attitude not age. They desire to make an individual statement expressed through personal style.The selections in The C.A.T.WALK are under the radar labels from the East/West coasts and overseas.